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How to kill popup ads on ANY server!

* is the latest to succomb to the $iren's-call of the irksome, annoying, browser-breaking plopup ad. After over three years of promises.... (The excuses would be more believable, if we hadn't heard them so many times before....) anyway, the way to remove them is below. Thanks Ryan for alerting me to this new disgrace.
By popular demand (and to screw the lying bastards :)  the code to remove the new "ProHosing" banner ads. They said "Anti-FLAB", now it's time to enforce it.
Before you read further, remember: Subverting a Free Webspace Provider's popups or other gratuitious adverspamming may be against the TOS, and as such, they reserve the right to boot your ass out and delete your page if they catch you doing it! While many are thick-headed enough not to waste their precious brain-time worrying about it, this is a public page, so even the FWPs themselves can (and a couple do!) read up on every method detailed below. Consider these a "temporary" fix to keep an FWPs popup from annoying your visitors while you redirect them to your site's NEW location (when a greedy FWP puts that kind of shit on your page, you move out of course!) In other words, you should be putting this on your replacement "My page has moved!" signpost pages, not your actual homepage.

If possible (that is, if you know how), modify the scripts slightly before you use them. This makes it a little harder (but by no means impossible!!) for them to catch you.

Note: Before resorting to one of the (maybe out-of-date) provider-specific fixes below, see if one of these general anti-popup Scripts takes care of it - they are designed to work on just about any server! 

___[SuperScript]____[Window Hijacker]___[Adframe Killer]___

One final note of interest:
This page is not officially updated anymore, due to a lack of time and a pursuit of other interests (spyware and others). Some of the code listed below may be out of date, and not all FWPs are listed. On occasion though, a certain FWP may do something SO evil and twisted that the info and workaround will make a special appearance here. Otherwise, try searching the Web for them.

Black is your normal HTML
Red is the server-included popup code
Blue is the workaround or pop-up removal
Green is something in the script you have to change/delete/modify
 Pop-Up Subversion

defeating popups on

disabling popups on
Asiafind clobbering popups on
ChattownUSA slapping down popups on
Chickpages Unbreaking promises on
What a bunch of lying, conniving SOBs. To bring them back into compliance with their original agreements, place the following Window Hijacker in your code:
<script language="JavaScript">
var winname1="f";
var winname2="c";
var windowname=winname1+winname2;
handle ="", windowname,



interfering with popups on

sending popups to the
Doghouse ( disabling popups on  erasing popups on subverting popups on
GeoCities squashing popups on
gURLpages getting rid of popups on
Hypermart avoiding popups on
InterCosmos beating popups on
Kill the *new* FLAB banners on
What a bunch of sneaky, lying, conniving bastards. They lured you in, much like XOOM, with the promise of "We absolutely hate all those money-grubbing FWPs, and detest any form of Forced-Link Advertising Banners (FLAB). So join us, give us lots of pages, and get yourselves listed on search engines galore. We make our money from those upgrading to paid accounts. No FLAB, ever. We *promise*!" Anyway, now that their advertising feces have indeed been smeared all over your beautyful website, it's time to enforce the contract you originally agreed to:
<//--><//"--><SCRIPT LANGAUGE="JavaScript">

<!--Ad Banner


The <killbanner> tag changes their new ad from a normal banner to a popup, which is easier to deal with. The additional code elimintes it.

** Alternate methods: If you don't ant to move the banner entirely but want instead to control its position on your page, you can move the banner insertion point by moving your page's <body> tag (which triggers the ad-code insertion). Modern browsers can handle the <body> tag appearing after the page's contents; the options set by it (background, colour) will take effect once that portion of the page has loaded. Just don't do this if you're trying to win any of those "HTML Purity"-type awards :)

swatting popups on
Spaceports slaying advertising watermark on
Surffree taking out popups on
Talkcity killing popups on
Theglobe Zapping popups on (does not work on the US server)
This code was sent to me by --=+|gulli|+=--. I haven't tested it, but it's said to kill popups on Tripod's German servers.
function Filtered()
return 0

slaying popups on
Tripod (*updated! 6/17/00)

removing popups on

Kat writes in a more optimal solution:
function Filtered()
return 0



getting rid of popups on
VirtualAve (* Updated: 10/12/99)

vanquishing popups on (* New! 8/04/99) subverting popups on
WebHostMe removing popups on
Webjump zapping popups on
Webprovider nuking popups on
Windom's destroying popups on
Telling the evil ads apart
A Popup is an ad that uses JavaScript to open a new browser window over your page. To get rid of these, see above.
An AdFrame is a frame which is attached to the top of the existing browser window (your page appears below it) and can't be scrolled off-screen. This is what you see above member pages. To get rid of adframes, see [Killing Adframes].
A Watermark is an advertisement/logo that floats or hovers in the corner of the browser window, and typically moves (jerkily) to remain in this position when the page is scrolled, somewhat like the "Related Sites" button you might see in the topleft corner of this page. Since there's only one provider besides GeoSh***ies known to use a watermark, I just stuck the info in above. If Geo... puts its watermark back up, go here for methods of getting rid of it.

A Banner is the simplest and least-intrusive form of advertising your page may encounter on a free web host. Many feel that a banner is a fair price to pay for free web hosting. If possible, try to find a service that lets YOU choose the placement of the banner. (Then you can stick the thing wa-a-ay at the bottom of the page where it won't bother anybody :)

Supporting responsible Internet advertising (NOT pop-ups)

Worth repeating:
This section of CEXX.ORG is no longer updated, due to a lack of time and interest. While particularly nasty abominations (e.g. broken long-standing promises of existing FWPs) will be listed, no new FWPs are currently being added except in extreme cases. Please don't email requesting new solutions! These mails will be deleted unread.

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