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Manual NewDotNet foistware removal
Procedure 1


If you have experienced problems with the uninstall using Add/Remove Programs, it is recommended that you contact New.Net tech support for assistance. The information below is provided FOR REFERENCE ONLY, and could make things worse instead of better. Do not attempt unless you are a guru and willing to accept the possibility of your computer losing Internet access, and hold New.Net and CEXX.ORG harmless for any results.


S.R. forwards the following instructions from New.Net support for removing the DLL:

Please do the following to remove the application from your computer:

First, you will need to locate the ".dll" file that is on the computer.  Do this by doing a search for "newdot*.*".

The file will be located in your "Winnt" or "Windows" folder (depending on what version of Windows you are running).  Once found, make note of
the actual filename which should look something like this:

Example:  newdotnet2_90.dll

Close the Find or Search window then...

Click Start
Click Run
Type in the following line:

For Windows NT users:
"rundll32 c:\winnt\newdotnet2_90.dll,NewDotNetUninstall"

For Windows 95/98 users:
"rundll32 c:\windows\newdotnet2_90.dll,NewDotNetUninstall"

Click OK

You should then see a small window asking if you want to uninstall the application.  Click Yes. Once this is done, restart your computer. This should keep the .dll from loading up at startup of your computer.


Customer Care Department

Foistware : NewDotNet DLL
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