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Toxic Waste Dump
a free Spammer Annoyance tool

Toxic Waste Dump is an easy to use, standalone MS-DOS app for generating loads of bogus HTML pages containing phony email addresses.

Download Toxic Waste Dump (version 1.1)
Runs under MS-DOS, and Windows 95/98 and the like.
Probably runs under other OSes (e.g. Linux) using a DOS Emulator.

Spammers use various automated "harvester" programs to dig their way through the Internet sucking up email addresses they find, and put them in a big list. Then SPAM is sent to every address on the list! The lists are also traded and sold among spammers, meaning if one has your address, many more can get it. But what if, instead of YOUR email address, the harvester program finds hundreds and hundreds of completely bogus, invalid addresses and adds them to the list instead? Toxic Waste Dump allows a virtually infinite number of bogus pages to be created (limited essentially by the amount of space you want to use for them in your Web account!)
To see an example of Toxic Waste Dump in action, see the "web pages" in my /harvestrap/ directory.

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